Brampton couple fight to keep their daughter alive

A Brampton couple return to court today in their fight to keep their daughter,Taquisha, alive.

A Brampton couple have taken their fight to court to keep their daughter “alive” at Brampton Civic Hospital although a physician at the  hospital has issued a death certificate  declaring her brain dead.

Stanley Stewart and Alyson McKitty believe that the hospital acted  too hastily in declaring that their daughter, Taquisha, 27, was dead.

And they went to court last Thursday  and got an emergency injunction temporarily restraining  the hospital from removing her respirator.

The injunction  expires today when the couple  will return to court in Brampton  to continue their fight ” to keep their daughter  alive.”

Stewart  told the Caribbean Camera  that  Taquisha is responding to stimuli  and is still alive  and  “if the hospital  pulls the plug,  they will be  killing my child,”

He said that he and his wife are seeking ”  independent medical advice.”

He also said  that  they are getting assistance from  Bishop Wendell Brereton  who is helping them find a legal team  ” willing  to join the fight.”

Bishop Brereton  confirmed that he is helping the couple  and that he is in touch with persons  from a ” medical network” who will be able to assist.

Dr. Omar Hayani had  signed a death certificate declaring Taquisha died on Sept. 20 – six days after she suffered a drug overdose

Bishop Brereton  recalled  the emergency injunction arrived  half an hour before the respirator was to be disconnected.

He  said that  Taquisha’s situation has  angered many in the community  who believe that  the  respirator should not be removed without parental consent  and  that ” many people have been protesting  outside the hospital. over this issue.”

Bishop Brereton  notes  the term ” brain dead ” may be misunderstood.

“Many argue that ‘brain dead’  does not mean dead,”  he added.

Taquisha is the mother of a nine-year old girl.