Brampton cricketer killed in T&T

Vishnu Narine and his wife Tina in better times

A Brampton, Ontario resident, Vishnu Narine, was killed in his native Trinidad and Tobago last week Friday, during his vacation with his wife in the twin-island republic.

The body of the 56-year-old Narine was found on a gravel road, with what appeared to be gunshot wounds. The police in Trinidad and Tobago believe he was killed in a robbery.

Narine was murdered one day before he was due to return to Canada. According to reports he was in the process of finishing business matters and had planned to spend time with family before heading home.

It is also reported that Narine was carrying about $1,900 at the time of his death, which has left family members saddened and in a state of distress.

According to Trinidad and Tobago police, Narin was involved in the pet trade business and might have been meeting with a contact at the time of his death.

A family friend, Vani Persaud, said, “such a senseless loss. We are all in shock, total shock. This is a guy who would give you the shirt off his back. We are absolutely heartbroken.”

Narine’s son, Randy, is a two-year member of the Shelburne Fire Department and Chief Brad Lemaich said on Twitter, “our whole department is deeply saddened.”

The Mayor of Shelburne, Ken Bennington, also sent out condolences on Facebook.

Narine was an  Allfours and cricket player playing Allfours with both the Metro and Brampton Allfours Leagues and cricket with the Overseas Cricket Club as a medium pace bowler. He leaves behind wife Tina and children Mandy and Randy.