Brampton Masters top Elite Division

In the Toronto & District Cricket Association Elite Division, defending champions  Brampton Masters Tranzac CC has ended the season at the top of the point standings.

In conference 1, Brampton Masters has secured 78 points, second was Vikings CC with 61 points and third  Islanders CC  with 54 points, as the top three teams.

In conference 2, Centurians CC finished with 61 points, followed by Toronto CC (E) with 60 points and Ontario Cricket Academy & Club with 54 points.

With the new playoff format as of this year, Conference winners Brampton Masters will play Centurians CC this Saturday, and the winner will qualify for the final. The loser however, will play the winner of the two second place teams from each Conference – Vikings CC and Toronto CC (E).

The two winners will meet in the final for the 2013 Elite Championship Trophy. The playoffs are scheduled to start this Saturday, September 21st. at the Maple Leaf Cricket Ground in King City.

In the Scarborough Cricket Association Premier Division, defending champions Hawaiian Arctic CC has finished at the top of the point standings in Conference A, second was East-West CC and third Kokuvil CC/Tamil Union CC. In Conference B TP Tigers CC finished first with Victoria Park CC second and Bawa XI A third.

The playoff format this year has been revised with the Conference winners automatically making the playoffs. The second and third place teams from each Conference will play each other and the winners playing the top two teams in their Conference. The winners will move to the final for 2013 Championship Trophy.

The playoffs are scheduled to start this Saturday, at the Ellesmere Cricket  Ground.