Brij Team holds first-time buyers workshop

The Brij Team recently held its initial First-Time Buyers Workshop in Rexdale under the educational platform The BRIJ IQ.

An initiative created by Jay Brijpaul of the Brij Team at Remax Reality West, the workshops are aimed at educating the community about real estate.

The focus is to empower clients with the knowledge and insight to make sound decisions and avoid common pitfalls and misconceptions within the real estate industry.

Realizing there is an overall lack of free, useful, viable and accessible knowledge available to the general public beyond the “get rich quick” and other sales focused seminars, the Brij Team aimed to provide real experience-based advice and insight on all aspects of home buying, from pre-qualifying to closing day and everything in between.

The workshops provide tips and lessons that go beyond the financials but also focus on making the experience as empowering as possible. BRIJ IQ workshops are a no pressure, no sales educational platform for anyone interested in arming themselves with the knowledge to make sound real estate decisions.

Jay Brijpaul has more than 25 years experience in real estate and investing. He and the Brij team have sold over 3,000 homes. Brijpaul has been educating clients on real estate in the GTA since 1988.

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