BRW Spotlights Black-Owned Restaurants across Canada for its Fall Edition

ByBlacks Restaurant Week is Back!

ByBlacks Restaurant Week is Back! BRW Spotlights Black-Owned Restaurants across Canada for its Fall Edition. 

ByBlacks Restaurant Week is back

Canada’s top-ranked online magazine announced the launch of the Fall Edition of ByBlacks Restaurant Week (BRW)  in support of Black-owned Restaurants, Chefs and Caterers across the nation. The event runs from November 15 to 21, 2021 and will feature Black-owned Canadian restaurants with exclusive, prix fixe menu offerings. The specialized menu includes an appetizer, entree and dessert within the price range of $16 to $32 CDN.

“We feel that Black restaurants aren’t getting the exposure they deserve and with restrictions presented by the pandemic, their businesses have been impacted severely,” said Roger Dundas, Co-Founder and Publisher. “We recognize there is a lack of awareness and support for Black-owned dining establishments and want to rectify this through celebrating Black cuisine. BRW provides the opportunity to sample Black cuisine at discounted rates and rally the support of local communities.”

Each restaurant will offer a considerable collection of delectable dishes from across the diaspora that exhibits the authentic tastes of African and Caribbean cuisine. 

“With the success of the spring edition, we’re thrilled to be featured in this round of ByBlacks Restaurant Week,” said Monique Bernard/Mob Seafood & Tings Corp. “We want our businesses to be as visible as our competitors and this initiative is an important step toward making space for the lesser-known Black restaurants, increasing representation, and widening our appeal in the Canadian market.”

The initiative aims to normalize African and Caribbean food as mainstream staples and encourage existing and new customers to patronize Black-owned restaurants well beyond the duration of the program.

Restaurants will be offering curbside pickup and/or delivery via platforms such as Skip The Dishes, and DoorDash.