Buddy Services Centre for Seniors receives $25,000 grant

Carol Royer

The recently established Buddy Services Centre for Seniors in Toronto has received a grant of $ 25,000  from the Emergency  Community  Support Fund (COVID-19 ECSF)   to help fulfill the  needs of the “vulnerable population ” in  the O’Connor-Parkview community during the current global pandemic, says a  news release from the Centre.

The release notes that the community houses a wide range of residents, including seniors, immigrants, and visible minorities living in poverty and that adults who earn less than $30,000 annually or have a fixed income and are 55-years and older are eligible to receive the services provided by the Centre

Trinidad-born Carol Royer, Founder and Executive Director of the Centre, said  “many elderly persons in the community are diagnosed with cancer, AIDS, or has mental health issues which make it difficult for them to run simple errands like grocery shopping or  get  to doctors’ offices.
Companionship, transportation to and from appointments and community activities, assistance with meal planning and preparation, and personal care support are among the services provided by the Centre, the release  says.

Over the next  few weeks, stafff from the  Centre wll meet with seniors in the community to inform them of the services available and ” assist them in the qualification process.,” the release notes.

Launched  last May  by the government of Canada, the ECSF is a $350 million program.