Building Bridges with Private Schools

Building Bridges with Private Schools
by Gerald V. Paul

Thanks to the African Canadian Christian Network (ACCN), parents and children converged at North York’s Council Chambers, with one mind and purpose. They were attending an Information Session for admission to private schools in the GTA, through scholarships or financial aid for the academic year beginning on September 20, 2015.

“I am thankful to the accnSchoolACCN for making it possible for the schooling and boarding at Upper Canada College for the next couple of years in High School,” Faisel Hebonhin told The Camera.

Hebonhin feels he has a vocation for Law, and he will do his utmost, given the ACCN’s help, to get his marks up and to strive for a better work ethic.

The Upper Canada College (UCC) was one of many schools that made presentations at the event. Its average class size is 18 and it enjoys a 100% university acceptance rate.

Private schools seek to admit well-rounded students who stand out from the crowd in a variety of ways- through academic performance, involvement in extra-curricular activities, a natural inclination for the arts, athletics, and other related fields. These schools look for the best students from across Canada and around the world.

Rev. Alvin Nicholson, Chair of the ACCN explained the thinking behind the event: “This is a great opportunity to share with all the participants what we are about. The ACCN provides support for Black and Caribbean students in the GTA. This helps the students live successful and productive lives.”

Cheryl Lewis, Executive Director outlined some of the benefits of private schools: enriched academic opportunities, increased potential to attend a post-secondary institution, the opportunity to become more involved in civic affairs, shared educational philosophy and smaller classes.

“It was an informative evening as parents had the opportunity to ask questions of the schools, as to the process and what is required to obtain the scholarships and aid,” Lewis said.

An information package was also provided to help each family to decide which school would be the best option for their child.