Building Diversity Awards now open for nominations


Rosemarie Powell

Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN), in partnership with Desjardins, is pleased to announce the launch of the nomination process for the second annual Building Diversity Awards (BDA) and Recognition Program. The partnership between TCBN and Desjardins is a natural fit and is part of Desjardins’s commitment to funding initiatives for youth to help them get back on track.

“We need to be direct about just how big the challenges are for future generations and act accordingly,” said Guy Cormier, President and CEO of Desjardins Group. “Desjardins wants to support youth through initiatives that encourage them to dive into something, exceed their own expectations, take on new challenges and above all, believe that anything is possible.”

One of the steps is to support TCBN’s flagship Mentoring program, NexGen Builders. From its launch 4 years ago as part of Ontario’s Black Youth Action Plan to today’s broader focus that includes young women, other racialized people, Indigenous and LGBTQ2+ youth, the program seeks to help participants access and achieve success in some of the country’s most coveted construction positions. Unionized skilled trades jobs come with good pay, benefits, and pensions, these jobs have the power to

Chris Campbell

change lives. In addition to construction jobs the sector also supports Professional Administrative and Technical (PAT) jobs that NexGen Builders also helps access.

“To be nominated for the Building Diversity Awards recognizes your commitment to the fundamental principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the construction industry. Receiving an award is an affirmation by the community that your efforts represent best practices and exceptional progress in creating a diverse and welcoming workplace that others in the industry are sure to follow,” said Rosemarie Powell, Executive Director, TCBN.

The BDA nomination process will identify both construction organizations and industry people actively engaged in building equity, diversity and inclusion in their place of work. Please visit this page to nominate a company or a person today. Winners will be chosen by a judging panel made up of a diverse group of industry professionals and announced at a hybrid in-person gala at Toronto’s Design Exchange and on the Hublio platform May 10.


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