Business women told networking is important for career advancement

Ladies at the power lunch

Hazel Smith, business operations leader with Rogers Communications,  reminded a group of business women at a ‘”Caribbean power lunch” in Toronto that networking was  important for the advancement of their careers.

Speaking about her own life experiences, Smith said she understood the importance of developing relationships and ” digging deep to discover your strengths and to  surround yourself with those who strengthen your weaknesses. ”

 ” I am the master of my own destiny, ” she declared,” because I believe continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”

 Smith was one of several speakers at the  recent event organized by Kerra Denel, founder of Kerra Denel Entertainment.

Denel said the ” Caribbean power lunch” was intendedto creative a positive platform to recognize the contributions of Caribbean women in Toronto ”  and ” to strengthen  business connections between Caribbean women,”

Stachen Frederick, executive director with Braids for Aids, noted that  spaces for women of Caribbean descent to network are lacking in Toronto.

“There are fetes and galas but nothing in between to which the go-getter woman, the working woman, the up and coming woman of Caribbean descent can connect.”

“This event brought together women of all walks of life and I look forward to more of this,” said  Frederick.