Calgary marks 20th anniversary of Cool Runnings

By Len Chan

The Reel Fun Film Festival in Calgary was pleased to be the North
American Host for the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Disney’s popular
movie “Cool Runnings” Filmed in 1993 with the late John Candy.

The film was based on the Jamaican Bobsled Team in the Calgary 88
Winter Olympics.
When the team participated in the Olympics, the reaction was “What, and who are these guys. Are they Joking?”
But during the course of the Calgary Olympics one can see the Team was serious and like the ole pun, One has to start somewhere and the original team paved the way for others to become Jamaican Bobsledders. The team captured the hearts of the Worldwide Audience which led to the Movie “Cool Runnings” which was filmed in Calgary.
The Reel Fun Film Festival celebrated the Festival with the Movie as its Highlight.
A Fundraiser was held at Canada Olympic Park Feb. 2 and the film shown at Plaza Theatre Feb. 3. Attending were two of the stars of Cool Runnings Doug E Doug(Sanka) and Leon Robinson along with Original Jamaican Bobsledder from Calgary 88
Olympics Devon Harris.
The Bobsled Team has also led to Bobsled attractions in Jamaica and a spirit of Jamaican Athletes be it Running or whatever.