Call for transparency

Julian Falconer

Toronto lawyer Julian Falconer, a spokesman for Legal Aid Ontario (LAO), called for accountability from the African Canadian Legal clinic (ACLC)  in a radio broadcast on Station CKFG-FM on Sunday.

Falconer was a guest on the call-in show, Grapevine .

Discussing  allegations of financial mismanagement at the clinic, Falconer said his advice to LAO which it has taken, is that ” you have got to be transparent.”

“When there are allegation that you received $121,000 in bonuses and when you received $150,000 for overtime bonuses, they are very serious allegation,” he remarked.

He said that there are questions that need to be answered.

Falconer  pointed out that the advisory committee of LAO, comprising  members of the Black community, had nothing to do with the recent decision to defund the clinic.

He said members of the  committee are ” simply  giving LAO advice on new steps to be taken …they represent leadership and the direction to be taken to assist.”

Margaret Parsons, the executive director of the ACLC, is scheduled to be a guest on the Grapevine program next Sunday.