Calling all volunteers with true pride

By Anthony Joseph
Publisher, the Caribbean Camera

Two weeks ago, we asked you to sign up for a very special project in 2015 happening around the time of the summer Pan Am Games in Toronto. Some technical problems occurred which are cleared up now but many of you did manage to sign up at our website.

We encourage you to visit and look for the 2015 Celebration link at the top of the left side column, where you can still enroll. We are aiming for at least 300 people in the next month. A dedicated phone line is also coming for those without the internet.

Details of the project which is all about national pride will be revealed in November at a community meeting but we can tell you that we are eventually looking for 25 members from each of the Caribbean countries which will take part in the games. That’s a total of 1,225 volunteers.

We need all sorts of people with all sorts of skills, from carpenters and welders to designers, sculptors, electricians and hydraulic experts and engineers, among others. The project will require 25 to 50 hours from each volunteer, spread over four months.

Please visit the signup area of our website and get involved now in what will be a stunning and memorable project in which every participant can take deep pride.