Calypso extravaganza for 2019 Carnival

Tara Woods

What is the verdict on calypso for 2019, well based on the fact that only five calypsonians  registered for the 2019 competition, short of the required fifteen singers that was needed for a competition the organization had no choice but to move forward with the plans for the extravaganza.

The Organization extended the time to register from April 13 to the 30 and were very disappointed with the results said Tara Woods Chair of the Organization for Calypso Performing Artist OCPA whose last competition was held in 2016 when Joel “Connector” Davis took home the crown and where it still resides.

Woods went on to say that this competition is not just about Toronto it include people from across Canada it is open to all contestant who are Landed immigrants and or Canadians.

“This year we have decided to go ahead and have a series of calypso events starting with a brunch and show on the 23rd of June then on the 6th of July OCPA will be having a Calypso tent style event both events will be held at Crave Banquet Hall at 55 Nugget Avenue.” Said Woods

Asked how many calypsonians will perform at that tent style event Woods said “Calypsonians who are singing with the Tropical Rhythms calypso tent gave us their word that they will be performing with OCPA this year but when the tent manager came back to Toronto a couple weeks ago he informed them that they will not be in performing with OCPA. Thank god there are lots of other calypsonian who are ready to perform.”

Tara continued “OCPA’s responsibility is to the calypsonians not the Calypso tents, the tents have always been privately owned and we worked with the tents because they hire a lot of performers who are members of OCPA so since the calypso tents have not been doing  much over the last few years. OCPA decided that we are not going to fund calypso tents and are going to create a music series where OCPA can hire the calypsonians  to perform.”

Woods went on to say “calypsonians are going to be getting money directly from OCPA instead of giving money to the tents,  calypsonians will get their money directly by being employed by OCPA  for the different events that we are staging this year” and she is hoping to make Calypso more visible during the festival.