Calypso Queen's song pokes fun at embattled Mayor

Rob Ford

The song which won singer Macomere Fifi the 2013 Canadian Calypso Monarch crown is being circulated around the world, now that it has become a hot global topic.

The song is about embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who this week had the majority of his powers revoked and handed over to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, after Ford was accused of smoking crack cocaine and abusing alcohol.

Called “ Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde”, the calypso is written by Carlisle Bailey, and was the song which won Fifi the calypso crown last summer.

Here are the lyrics:

I was wondering what to sing about this carnival

Something interesting, not too much scandal

I was contemplating what direction to go

Something close to our hearts here in Toronto

Then someone beg me please sing about City Hall

’Cause up to now we don’t know we Mayor at all

Amidst the rumors and controversy

We’re not sure who running this great city.


So would the true Mayor get up, stand up

I don’t mean the one who they say’s corrupt

The one who’s keeping we city intact

Not the one that they video tape smoking crack!

Get up stand up – it’s high time this mystery stop

Like two people taking us for a ride

One Dr. Jeckyll and one Mr. Hyde.


The Mayor said he was relaxing on his patio

When it is alleged they shot a video

And this video causing so much hype

Because it had a fat man smoking a crack pipe

So the Toronto Star and the Globe & Mail

Decided to put fire in Rob Ford tail

But we too quick to judge, let we wait and see

It could be a case of double identity.


So would the true Mayor get up, stand up

Not the drug addict, not the cover-up

The former Councilor from Etobicoke

Who promised to put Toronto to work

Get up stand up – not the one who they say arrogant and rough

It sounds like two men working side by side

One Dr. Jeckyll and one Mr. Hyde.


Elected on a platform of positive change

But it’s like the Ford Nation driving out of range

With promises to upgrade we transit fast

But like a true Ford, he’s running out of gas.

Mr. Mayor, tell me please, are you still in charge?

Or are you a victim of sabotage?

’Cause while you busting your tail down in City Hall

People swear they spot you coaching football.


So would the true Mayor get up, stand up

Not the one who showed the media where to push it up

The one losing weight and eating healthy

Not the one who still buying out KFC

Get up, stand up – it’s high time we get this mystery to stop

Like two brothers taking us for a ride

One Dr. Jeckyll and one Mr. Hyde.


You promised you go shut down the gravy train

You said corruption going down the drain

You even say you fighting to help to poor

And for Torontonians you’re opening your door

But was it really you or that other brute

Who vote against funding to help the youth

Like some other man take over your head

And next thing you know, he’s sharing your bed.


So would the true Mayor get up, stand up

Not the one who called reporters a bunch of maggots

The one who worked hard to get the budget pass

Not the one they say drinking and smoking grass!

Get up stand up – it’s high time this nonsense stop

It’s time we send both of them on a ride

Good bye Dr. Jeckyll, good bye Mr. Hyde.