Canadian Army Reserve invites Caribbean community to Hamilton Job Fair

The Canadian Army Reserve is reaching out to the Caribbean community to participate in an upcoming job fair hosted by the 31 Canadian Brigade Group. This event is scheduled to take place at the John Weir Foote VC Armouries at 200 James Street North, in Hamilton on April 27, 2024, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The job fair aims to showcase a variety of career opportunities within the Canadian Forces, highlighting the potential for stable employment, educational benefits, and unique life experiences. According to Paul Verheye, a representative from the Canadian Armed Forces, this initiative offers an avenue for community members aged 16 to 65+ to engage actively with military personnel and explore various vocational paths in the reserves.


“Most people aren’t aware of the wealth of possibilities that the Canadian Forces provide,” Verheye noted during a recent interview. “Participants will gain insights into different professions that align with their future goals, acquiring valuable work experience and skills that are highly regarded by potential employers.”

The Army Reserves are known for offering on-the-job training, competitive salaries, and financial support for further education. These opportunities are supplemented by the chance to experience adventure and acquire new, transferable life skills.

Verheye also highlighted the inclusive nature of the reserves, where even at the age of 65+, individuals could continue serving, provided they receive approval through a letter from their commanding officer.

The fair will feature interactive sessions where attendees can engage with military equipment and personnel, and explore a range of trades and services available in the army. “From cooks obtaining their Red Seal as chefs to electricians and mechanics, all trades are represented,” Verheye explained. “It’s a chance to sign up for a job that suits your interests, whether it’s in infantry, artillery, engineering, or any other field.”

The job fair is not just a recruitment opportunity but also a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those from the Caribbean community, to better their lives through the disciplined and rewarding environment of the Canadian Armed Forces.

This outreach is part of the Canadian Army’s ongoing efforts to ensure that its ranks reflect the multicultural fabric of the nation, offering equal opportunities to all Canadians regardless of background. This inclusive approach aims to enrich the forces with a diverse range of perspectives and skills, enhancing their operational capabilities and community relations.