Marching ahead

Writers Corner

By Yolanda Marshall

This week I am sharing a few books by Canadian authors to add to your reading lists.

Ace and the Misfits

Ace and the Misfits

Written by Eddie Kawooya

“Arriving in Canada, Ace finds himself living in a basement apartment, having to integrate into a new community where he is the “African.” Struggling with his grades and his self-worth, he finds ignorance and bullying at school until he falls in with a crew of international misfits who understand what he’s going through. With their support, Ace starts to regain the confidence he lost in the move and his subsequent troubles. He wants to show himself and his misfit friends that he has the tools to make it in his new life.  This book tackles self-esteem and how it can be easily lost when one feels alone. At the core of this story is the isolation a child feels after his world is snatched from him, and the journey of self-worth and self-confidence he must undertake to rise above it.”- Lorimer, Feb 2024.

Black Activist, Black Scientist, Black Icon: The Autobiography of Dr. Howard D. McCurdy

Black Activist

Written by Howard Douglas McCurdy C.M. O.Ont. Ph.D. and George Elliott Clarke.

“McCurdy indeed lived an extraordinary life. He was Canada’s first Black tenured professor; a founder of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association; a founder of the National Black Coalition of Canada; the person who named the New Democratic Party; and the second Black elected to Parliament. With twenty-five photos from McCurdy’s archive, Black Activist, Black Scientist, Black Icon illuminates and celebrates the life of one of Canada’s most worthy figures.” – Nimbus Publishing, Oct. 2023.

Enslaved A Chronicle of Resistance Book 1: The Lamentation of the Enslaved

The Lamentation of the Enslaved

Written by Brian Sankarsingh.

“Enslaved, is not just poetry about the atrocities of African slavery and the horrible price humanity continues to pay for it. Neither is it just a story of racism, bigotry, discrimination, or prejudice. It is a story about dominion, power, and control. It plunges the depths of depravity humanity can sink to and the things they are willing to do to justify it all. It is also a story of hope, courage and optimism that can only be told through poetry. It powerfully tackles the subjects of racism, Shadeism (the discrimination against an individual based on their skin tone), the use of racist symbols and systemic racism in a time when the world is caught up in debate as to what all that means. It shows the birth of systemic racism and challenges readers to address it in whatever colour rears its head.” – Sankarsingh Gonsalves Productions, Jan. 2024.

Paula Visits Nana

Paula Visits Nana

Written by Denise Donkor and illustrated by Daria Lavrova.

“Paula visits Nana invites readers of all ages to embark on a heartwarming journey, filled with the magic of storytelling and the power of familial connections. Through Denise’s words, she extends a warm embrace to you, encouraging you to rediscover the joy of imagination, family, and the boundless possibilities of storytelling. Together, Paula and Nana create memorable experiences. The book focuses on their adventures and bond during Paula’s visit to Nana’s house.” – Donkor, Dec. 2023.

Kiyara’s Toronto Adventure

Kiyara’s Toronto Adventure

by Karina Hussein and illustrated by Kezzia Crossley.

“Embark on an exciting journey through the vibrant city of Toronto with Kiyara, a little explorer with a heart full of curiosity! Readers will join Kiyara as she sets off to discover the wonders of her city’s iconic landmarks near the waterfront including the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, St. Lawrence Market, and more! With rhythmic verses that dance off the pages, readers will uncover the joy of curiosity, the excitement of adventure and the wonders of their surroundings.” – Sights Seen Publishing, March 2024.

The Emperor of the Cutes

Emperor of the Cutes

Written by Jahmilla Small.

“Meet Kemet, a buoyant young boy who thinks very highly about who he is, An Emperor! He goes about each day expressing himself by dressing up in a manner that his family and friends are either confused by or find to be just darn cute. Adventure with radiant Kemet as he fearlessly conveys his spirit in the presence of his community and magically discovers what kind of Emperor he is.” – Daughter of the King Publishing, 2022.

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