Canadian government to increase funding for Multiculturalism Program

Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

OTTAWA – The 20I8 federal budget, tabled on Tuesday by Finance Minister Bill Morneau. in addressing multiculturalism, noted the “challenges faced by Black Canadians.”

It said ” recent domestic and international events, like the rise of ultranationalist movements, and protests against immigration, visible minorities and religious minorities, remind us that standing up for diversity and building communities where everyone feels included are as important today as they ever were.

“To provide support for events and projects that help individuals and communities come together, the Government proposes to provide $23 million over two years, starting in 2018–19, to increase funding for the Multiculturalism Program administered by Canadian Heritage. ”

It announced that ” this funding would support cross-country consultations on a new national anti-racism approach, would bring together experts, community organizations, citizens and interfaith leaders to find new ways to collaborate and combat discrimination, and would dedicate increased funds to address racism and discrimination targeted against Indigenous Peoples and women and girls.

” As a first step toward recognizing the significant and unique challenges faced by Black Canadians, the Government also proposes to provide $19 million over five years that will be targeted to enhance local community supports for youth at risk and to develop research in support of more culturally focused mental health programs in the Black Canadian community.

It also stated that, with the creation of the new Centre for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Statistics.” the Government is committed to increase the disaggregation of various data sets by race.

“This will help governments and service providers better understand the intersectional dimensions of major issues, with a particular focus on the experience of Black Canadians.”