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Writers Corner

By Yolanda T. Marshall

The Double Life of Trina Ross

The Double Life of Trina Ross

Written by Michelle Richards-Graham

“Trina’s life feels perfect until her mother starts to change, and Trina doesn’t know what to do. Facing eviction from their home and desperate for cash, Trina finds herself entangled in a daring world she wants to keep hidden from the guy she loves. But when her life begins to unravel, Trina realizes she could lose everything, and there might be no way out.” – (Independently published) Michelle Graham Publishing, 2023.

Looking Back

Looking Back

Written by Desmond Samuel Kamara.

“This book describes the education of Dez Kamara in faith, hope, and hard work. Starting from his early schooling and the educational values of his stern but loving father, Dez’s educational journey takes him from boarding school to the disruptions of the civil war in Sierra Leone to his move to pursue his education in Canada. As a young man, he first experienced the violence of war before working to help even younger people affected by it. His work with child soldiers leads not only to a meeting with Romeo Dallaire but the making of a film about their experiences. It is his curiosity about the world and his resilience that carry him through. While the thread of education weaves through this heartfelt memoir, generosity and courage are its biggest gifts. While Dez benefits from the generosity of others throughout his experiences, he returns that generosity in full measure in this book.” (Independently published) 2023.

High School Here I Come: Preparing for the journey

High School Here I Come

Written by Marcella Penny Kowalchuk and illustrated by Jade Brown

“Talking about your thoughts and feelings about high school is a good way for students to prepare for the journey of the high school experience. High School Here I Come brings into book form the contents from workshops held with young girls preparing for the transition to high school. In High School Here I Come, each chapter focuses on a topic of interest to students as they begin this adventure. Topics include Family Expectations, relationships with friends, learning to navigate the high school setting, social activities, well-being and safety, confidence, quiet strength, and faith.” – (Independently published) Live Life Happy Publishing, 2021.

Happily Whenever After

Happily Whenever After

Written by Bookie Adekanye.

“In Happily Whenever After, you’ll be inspired by other single women’s journeys. Hilariously relatable moments encourage you that you’re not in this alone. You’ll find biblical encouragement, practical advice, opportunities to reflect, and creative exercises to empower you to build your best life now. Candid and kind, Bookie reminds you of God’s overwhelming love for you. No matter how society labels you, God says you belong to him. You’re invited to heal from past scars and be your confident, courageous self. The God of the Bible used single ladies to deliver and save, and he has a plan for you.” – (Independently published) Oasis International, 2022.

Watch Me Grow: The Preschool Edition

Watch Me Grow

Written by Shani Jones

“Watch Me Grow is the first book of a three-part series. “Watch Me Grow” highlights the transition of a toddler into becoming a Pre-schooler. Amári is so excited to grow up and become a big boy. With the help of his loving family, he discovers all the new things his body can do.” – (Independently published), Luv Jones Publishing, 2022.

Be Inspired by Fela

Be Inspired by Fela

Written by Olamidotun Votu-Obada

Who was Fela? A boy who developed an interest in political topics at a young age. The founder of Kalakuta Republic, a community/communal compound for his people to live in. The creator of the movement and name, afrobeat. A great musician who used his music to speak about social issues, and the truth and touch the lives of people. As well as fight for justice and peace.: – (Independently published) Inspire HQ, 2024.

Penniboy Goes to School

Penniboy Goes to School

Written by Nadine White.

“Jahson and his cousins take their pets to the neighbourhood pet daycare while in school. The teacher teaches the class a valuable lesson about getting along, respecting, and accepting others’ differences and being kind. It’s an excellent book for the classroom and parents as the story teaches inclusion, kindness, and forgiveness. While written for children, this inspiring tale also appeals to adults.” – – (Independently published) Mediation-Ability, 2023.

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