Canadian socialite pleads guilty in shooting death of Belize police officer

Superintendent Henry Jemmott

Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin pleaded guilty on Tuesday last week to manslaughter in connection with the May 2021 death of Belizean police superintendent Henry Jemmott.

Jemmott was shot in the head with his own gun while alone with Hartin on a pier in Belize.

“I just want Henry’s family to have peace now and I want this whole thing behind all of us so we can heal,” Hartin said outside a Belize courthouse.

Hartin of Kingston, Ontario, is the former partner of Andrew Ashcroft, the son of UK businessman Lord Michael Ashcroft.

Police said Jemmott and Hartin were known to be friends.

Hartin was found covered in blood on a pier near where Jemmott’s body was recovered on May 28. 2021, with a single bullet wound in the head.

At the time, Hartin was living in Belize with Andrew Ashcroft.

She was charged with manslaughter and released from custody in June 2021 on $15,000 bail.


Jasmine Hartin

During her bail hearing, it was revealed that Hartin and Jemmott were at a party together in Ambergris Caye on the night of his death.

Police said they went for a walk on the beach before they sat down on a pier. There, Hartin gave Jemmott a shoulder massage. He then handed her his gun.

Hartin told investigators that she struggled with the handgun after Jemmott asked for it, and that it accidentally discharged. She added she had been drinking at the time.

Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for May 31 in Belize City.