Canadian takes Chutney Soca crown

KI Persad celebrates after winning the 2014 Chutney Soca Monarch title at Skinner Park, San Fernando, on Saturday night, with his song Runaway.

KI Persad has taken the Chutney Soca monarch crown in T&T
KI Persad has taken the Chutney Soca monarch crown in T&T

For the second time in three years Canadian super KI Persad has taken the Chutney Soca monarch crown, this time he turned a tragic story into $2 million. The lyrics to KI’s hit song Runaway tell a sad tale: “Last year I went on tour but I did not want to stay, so I leave my band to play, and when I came back, my wife run away.” But just as in the semi-final, KI flipped the tragically romantic number, fusing it with a soca beat that had female fans climbing onto the fences to get closer to the stage.

The daring performance started with his arrival on a plane filled with beautiful air hostesses, which signalled that he had just came back from a world tour. The set featured pyrotechnic gloves and climaxed with the champion crowd surfing on a float. It was his second title in three years. Again, it was no doubt his energetic and theatrical stages how that scored high on the judges’ tally and text vote systems.

Emotions ran high for KI, whose eyes became teary as he returned to the stage hoisted on the shoulders of his adoring supporters after he was announced as 2014’s first major monarch. So intense was the competition, KI said, that he was shaking while the results were being announced. In accepting his crown, he had a special message for his fans. “Thank you for making it happen for us and giving us that extra push by actually naming us flag bearers of our culture, to go out there and represent you all.”

He also paid tribute to his father JMC 3veni leader Verendra Persad, saying the victory was only possible through him.