Canadians WIN BIG in T&T Carnival 2014

A big shout out to the Toronto posse for reppin’ in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival: Kerwin Du Bois, Groovy Soca Monarch with “Too Real” and KI, Chutney Crown, with “Runaway.”

Du Bois, singer/songwriter/producer mantra? “If I fail to succeed then success is my failure. I was born a winner.”

KI (left) - Chutney Crown Kerwin DuBois (Groovy Soca)
KI (left) – Chutney Crown
Kerwin DuBois (Groovy Soca)

And of course, he has the track record to prove it, including the International Soca Awards in four categories for 2012, and of course, Grove Soca of the Year with his breakout hit ‘Bacchanalist.’

Yes, even in his Toronto based studio KNS, Du Bois said his hard work pays off and he is grateful and humbled. He plans to develop and further his drive in taking Soca Music to places beyond our imagination.

So allyuh missed de thing?

No problemo. Dr. Jay has it locked at the Return Fete at Koolhaus, come Saturday, March 15. With Kerwin as one of the headliners bringing the Carnival to you fresh form T&T.

The other winners included Curtis Eustace placing second at the King & Queen Show.