Caribbean-born Jessica Lawrence launches all female radio station

Jessica Lawrence is a phenomenon in the music industry, she now launched the first online all female DJ radio station called My Turn Radio in New York.

Jessica Lawrence

Also known as DJ Hypeness, Jessica is no stranger to the Dancehall/ Reggae culture. This Dominican native grew up listening to the works of Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Buju Banton and a host of others pounding through the walls of her house with their sweet melodies. Her true love for the culture was further discovered when she moved to New York 21 years ago. Underground dancehall parties became a past time and she became hooked on the beats and mesmerized by the atmosphere. 

Jessica has strong Toronto connections: her sister Carrie Mullins hosts a program called Reggae Vibes in Toronto; her father, the late father Carl Mullins, was a pioneer promoter of Jamaica music in Toronto and across North America, and was awarded the Peter Tosh Memorial Award.

Not limited to Reggae/ Dancehall, Jessica plays a variety of RnB, Hip Hop and soca among other genres. Jessica also has a T- Shirt Line JLaw Fashions.

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