Caribbean Camera’s Yolanda Marshall named a winner of the first annual Loop Awards

Yolanda Marshall

Caribbean readers who are also “readers” don’t need to be introduced to Yolanda Marshall; they know that Yolanda is the editor of our “Lit Corner” which appears every two weeks in the printed version of our paper.

Earlier this week, we received word that Yolanda was the recipient of the Author Of The Year Award in the inaugural Loop Awards 2022.

Ms. Marshall is well regarded in the literary community, being the author of 15 children’s books that are featured on the shelves of bookshops around the city and in the libraries of young readers; especially those seeking stories that reflect the Caribbean and Black cultural element of the Canadian mosaic.

We know that our “Lit Corner” sister produced most of her books in Canada after her family moved to Canada from Guyana when she was 14 years old, so it’s quite an achievement to have her books find their way to the Caribbean.

Yolanda explained that her books have been circulating around the Caribbean for some time: “Loop News has written many articles about my books and the Caribbean literature I write to inspire the younger generation…Loop News is the biggest media platform for the Caribbean region, locally and globally. They aim to inform readers of Caribbean-born artists, entrepreneurs,

Yolanda Marshall’s Award

athletes, etc., who represent the Caribbean. To be acknowledged by readers and journalists in the Caribbean region is extra special. I feel seen, celebrated, and not forgotten, even though I live in Canada,” said Marshall.

“This award proves my writing is important and will encourage me to continue sharing positive representations of our Caribbean culture.”

Loop News was launched in April 2014 and quickly grew to have teams in six markets across the Caribbean: Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Haiti, Cayman and St Lucia.

About the Loop Awards, Loop’s website states that the Loop Awards is geared towards celebrating the achievements of Caribbean citizens and countries making strides and breaking barriers globally throughout 2022.

Candidates were selected from a vast array of disciplines and genres, including but not limited to athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, festivals and more, celebrating the tenacity and dedication of which Caribbean people are most proud.

“We want to show these candidates that their efforts have not gone unnoticed by their fellow islanders.”

We’re glad that our Yolanda’s efforts were noticed in such a wonderful way.