Caribbean Canadian artists mount mural at the Brampton Art Gallery

By Stephen Weir

Installling the indoor exhibitions

Yesterday, Brampton’s Main Street received a striking makeover as a massive two-story art piece found its place outdoors on the side of PAMA, the public art gallery and museum located on Main Street, just across from Gage Park. This awe-inspiring creation, named “Paradise Lost,” is the creative art of Caribbean Canadian artist Chris Louis and Dillon Douglas, and it promises to inject a new level of intrigue into the daily commutes of motorists.

“Paradise Lost” is a triptych artwork spanning three outdoor banners, portraying a journey from a thriving, healthy Earth to a desolate wasteland. Bursting with repetitive and overlapping motifs, some whimsical and others peculiar, Douglas and Louis guide us through a humbling exploration of monumental human failures. Their intention is to serve as a stark warning of the grim potential for our own future.

The official launch of “Paradise Lost” is scheduled for this Friday evening, and the public is cordially invited to attend the event at 7 pm, offering a unique opportunity to meet the talented artists in person.

Simultaneously, PAMA will also be unveiling another captivating artistic endeavor—an immersive art experience titled “In Her Garden.” This indoor exhibition, masterfully crafted by Toronto-based artist Amanda McCavour in collaboration with Montreal-based artist Jannick Deslauriers, narrates humanity’s journey from joyful beginnings to the eventual devastation of our environment. It promises to be a thought-provoking and visually stunning complement to “Paradise Lost.”