Caribbean community activists running as candidates in Brampton municipal elections


Cleopatra Gooden-Simms
Michael Farquharson
Andria Barrett
Jermaine Chambers
Janice Gordon-Daniels

Five Caribbean-Canadian community activists are running as candidates for councillors in Brampton municipal elections on October 24.

One of them, Andria Barrett, is a candidate for regional councillor in wards three and four.

Barrett whose parents are Jamaican, was named as one of the Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders by Canadian SME small business magazine. She is a former member of the Brampton Mayor’s COVID-19 Economic Support Task Force.

The other four candidates who are running for city council are Jermaine Chambers, Michael Farquharson, Cleopatra Gooden-Simms and Janice Gordon-Daniels.

Jamaica- born Chambers, a financial adviser, is running in wards two and six while Farquharson, a transportation specialist with FedEx, who was also born in Jamaica, is running in wards seven and eight.

Running in wards three and four is Jamaica-born Gooden-Simms, a program manager and legal worker.

Guyana-born Gordon-Daniels, a well-known masseuse, is a candidate in wards nine and ten.