Caribbean Community shines at Xinflix Media Awards

The Xinflix Media Huacai Awards ceremony held at their auditorium in Markham, Ontario, was a night to remember as members of the Caribbean community took center stage, celebrating their remarkable achievements and contributions to society. The event celebrated individuals who have made a significant impact on their communities, with a focus on lifting others up and fostering inclusivity.

Karl Suban and Mayor of Markham Frank Scarpitti

The evening began with a heartfelt speech by Karl Suban, affectionately known as the “hockey dad” for his incredible feat of guiding three of his sons to professional hockey careers in the NHL. Suban highlighted the importance of those who make a positive difference in society. “I’m honored to be here. I’m so happy to be recognized. As [Mayor] Frank [Scarpitti] said, we don’t do the work we do for recognition. We do the work we do because we want to recognize others and we want them to reach their potential,” he stated.

Karl Suban

Suban emphasized the importance of having people who challenge, who love unconditionally, and hold us accountable in our lives, referring to them as “lifters.” He praised Patrick Hung and Daniel Royer as examples of lifters and quoted Booker T. Washington, saying, “There are two ways to use your strength: You can push people down or you can lift people up. When we’re lifting up people, we’re making our society better.”

Karl Suban shared his personal journey as an immigrant in Canada, recalling the initial difficulties he faced in a new country. However, he also recounted the pivotal moment when he encountered his first lifter, his teacher, Mr. Kangas, who made him feel valued and special.

Grace Joseph

Mayor of Markham Frank Scarpitti praised Suban’s dedication to both his family and the community, encouraging him and others to continue being lifters and fostering a supportive environment for children. He emphasized the importance of parental influence in shaping future generations.

Grace Joseph received the International Friendship Award for her outstanding contributions to creating an inclusive global community. Her heartfelt acceptance speech acknowledged the multiculturalism that Canada represents and extended an invitation to consider Guyana as an investment destination due to its upcoming economic transformation.

Cameron Bailey

Cameron Bailey, CEO of the Toronto International Film Festival, received the Xinflix Media Art and Culture Excellence Award. Bailey expressed his gratitude to the Xinflix team and highlighted the festival’s commitment to connecting with various communities and telling meaningful stories. He also shared personal experiences of connecting with international stars and the cultural exchange that takes place at the festival.

Bailey acknowledged the influence of Chinese culture in his life, particularly through his wife’s family, and wished everyone a happy New Year, sharing his excitement about receiving the award in the year of the Rabbit.

The Xinflix Media Huacai Awards ceremony showcased the diverse talents and contributions of individuals from the Caribbean community as well as individuals from around the world, emphasizing the importance of creating a more inclusive and harmonious society. It served as a reminder that when people come together to make a difference, remarkable achievements become possible.

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