Caribbean Diaspora Entrepreneurs Network launched

Meegan Scott

The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs ( CoP) has launched its global network and map for diaspora entrepreneurs, their peers in the Caribbean, affiliates in host countries, and venture capitalists.

The Caribbean Diaspora Entrepreneurs Network  and map will allow members to share information about the products and service they offer, talents or skill sets they need and the markets in which they are looking to grow sales, or to find service delivery partners, according to a news release from the CoP

 In addition, it offers two views of how members are connected―one focused on their connections and one on their location on the world map, the release said.

Toronto-based Megan Scott, chair of the CoP Secretariat, told the Caribbean Camera that “the network and mapping exercise  which started on  New Year’s Day, is designed to bridge markets and entrepreneurs across both geographic and trade restriction divides in the Caribbean’s diasporic and home markets. ”

” Those markets include North America, Europe, The Pacific, The Middle East, Asia, and Africa.”

Scott said CoP partners and collaborators―including institutions of higher learning, key trade and export development organizations as well as retired diaspora entrepreneurs ― are invited to join the network and map.

CoP Members can join via the opt-in link available  in The Community of Practice.

Non-members  can request the link by e-mail at

For more information , contact The CoP Secretariat by e-mail at: .