Caribbean Island Mix presents a wide variety of styles

Caribbean Island Mix ?

Well, it could be a potent  rum drink.

Or  a radio program  highlighting the torrid beat of the music of the Antilles.

Or  perhaps a restaurant that  serves up the spicy dishes of the Caribbean.

But for Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2019, it’s the theme of Costume Creators Cultural Arts, founded by veteran mas’ man Whitfield Belasco and now  led by Wayne Sewell.

More than 300 mas’ aficionados  were present at its launch on Sunday at Nice and Easy Sports Bar on Oakdale Road in North Toronto.

On display were nine sections with exotic titles such  as Caribbean Sunset, The Blue Caribbean Sea, Tropical Orchids, Pink Paradise and Rum Punch Kingdom,  and a wide variety of styles.

There were also several characters from Caribbean folklore  such the “soucouyant” who sheds her skin at night,turns into fire and sucks the blood of her victims, “La Diablesse ,” a ” devil woman”  who preys on unsuspecting men, and “Papa Bois,” the guardian of the forest.

Jamaica-born Sewell  told the Caribbean Camera that he was pleased with the attendance at  the launch.

And he is looking forward to having about  500 mas’ players on “the Boulevard” this summer.

Sewell, a youth worker in Etobicoke,  noted that there were several young people  working on the band.

“In fact some of then are bringing out two of the sections,” he  said.

“And women are well represented in Caribbean Island Mix.”

He noted that no fewer than eight sections  were designed and built by women, one of them ” all the way  from Jamaica.”

Queen of the band (La Taiva Beckles)  playing  Miss Lionfish, made a spectacular appearance at the launch.

King of the band who has not yet been selected, will play Mr. Cold-blooded Iguana.

Location of the mas’ camp is yet to be announced.

For more information about the band, mas’ fans can  visit or phone 647-550-6169