CaribbeanTales Film Festival highlights the hidden stories of Caribbean heritage

Director Therese Fergusson

CaribbeanTales International Film Festival (CTFF) has released its full lineup of films for viewing on its Video-On-Demand platform CaribbeanTales-TV (CT-TV).

“It’s such a pleasure of ours at CaribbeanTales Media Group to be able to put a spotlight on different perspectives and experiences that aren’t often shared,” explained Festival Director Diana Webley. “For example, New Light focuses on important aspects of Black history that are often suppressed in Europe and North America. CTFF is a great opportunity for directors to shed light on stories like these and topics that they feel need to be discussed.”

CTFF 2021 runs from September 8th to 24th with more than 50 short and feature films of livestream entertainment available on demand. With 13 themes, here are a few standout films and directors available for media screening and interviews:

– On the Road to Dallas – Directed by Mathilde Marinet (UK – 2021): This film documents the journey of the ‘Team West Indies’ roller derby team as they prepare for the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas. As an underrepresented group in the mostly white roller derby community, the team must prepare physically as well as mentally for the challenges ahead.

– Hashtag Tailored – Directed by Rhaj Paul and Therese Fergusson (Barbados – 2020)

Director Mathilde Marinet

CTFF will be screening two installments of this fashion web series:

– Stitch Straight features a discussion with 40 year veteran of the Barbados fashion industry Roland RoJoe Bascombe regarding fashion culture on the island and discusses the changing landscape, prejudices and other challenges.

– Everybody Loves Camo! follows Rhaj and members of his styling agency, the Ministry Of Style Creative Alliance, as they ponder the legality of wearing and designing with camouflage prints in Barbados. This installment features an appearance from media personality Alex Jordan.

– From Gangsta to Pastor – Directed by Miquel Galofre (Trinidad & Tobago – 2019): This documentary tells the story of Gary Grant’s troubled childhood that led him down the path of crime. After he was abandoned by his father, he became part of a gang where he found protection and strength. Now, Gary is a pastor who works to help the community he once hurt. By telling his story he hopes to keep others from making the mistakes he did – thus breaking the cycle.

– New Light – The Rijksmuseum and Slavery – Ida Does (Netherlands – 2021): In 2021, leading Dutch Museum The Rijksmuseum focused its gaze on the history of slavery in the Netherlands. This highly topical documentary follows the genesis of this exhibit and the bitter-sweetness of compiling such a painful yet important exhibition.

Director Raj Paul

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CaribbeanTales Film Festival (CTFF) celebrates the talents of established and emerging filmmakers of Caribbean heritage who practise their art across the Caribbean Diaspora and worldwide. CTFF presents a multi-ethnic mix of exciting and dynamic films that showcase diverse and shared stories and cultures.

CTFF is produced by Caribbean Tales Inc., a registered Canadian charity. The company’s mandate is to foster and encourage intercultural understanding and racial equality, through the creation, marketing and distribution of film, programs, events, and projects that reflect the diversity and creativity of Caribbean heritage and culture.