Carnival Nationz goes on the road with Kes

Carnival Nationz whose theme this year is “The Music of Kes, ” launched its band on Saturday.

More than 1.700  carnival fans showed up for the launch at the band’s mas’ camp in Scarborough

( Kes, a soca/pop group which hails from  Trinidad , is known for its unique blend of soulful vocals, calypso inspired melodies, rock riffs and island beats, with hints of reggae.)

It’s big hit at the Trinidad Carnival this year was Savannah Grass which is the name of  one of the  ten sections of the band.

Savannah Grass was  big favourites among mas’ fans at the launch.

Bandleader Marcus Eustace  told the Caribbean Camera that Kes will be providing music for his band at the Grand Parade on  August 3.

” Last year  we had 3,300 players in out band. This year we would like to get 4000 . We figure that a lot of the young people like Kes and  it will attract larger numbers to our band.”

Carnival aficionados say they will be keeping a close watch on Carnival Nationz this year because of its “winning record.”

Many believe that it will be a strong contender for 2019 ” band of the year” honours.”

Carnival Nationz  won “band of the year” eight times in the last ten years.It has also won  “king” every year for the last eight years.

The “queen of the band” came from Carnival Nations seven times in the last eight years.


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