Carnival Nationz is setting its sights on a fourth ‘band of the year’ title

Carnival Nationz  is sending  “shockwaves of excitement”  throughout  the Toronto carnival community with the launching  of  “Oh Canada.”

Thousands showed up last Saturday at the mas’ camp at  Dynamic Boulevard in Scarborough  for the band launch where twelve sections were unveiled.

As bandleader Marcus Eustace told the Caribbean Camera, “Oh Canada ” is a celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada’s birthday and the 50th anniversary of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival

And mas’ fans had a chance to look at the various sections with names such as  Her Majesty, Canadian Rockies, Oh Kanata, We Jamming Still 1967 to 2017, Aurora Borealis, Ojibwe ,  Horse Shoe Falls and Snow Angels.

A fired up Eustace  said that “this is the first time that I’ve seen the band’s concept come to life in such a fantastic display of mas’ –  costume after costume, section after section.”

“We have several new designers and they are bringing new elements to the band”.

Last year Carnival Nationz had 2850 mas’ players.

“This year we hope to close off at 3,000,” said Marcus.
” We really don’t want to go beyond that, though the response to the costumes have been very positive with lots of people from the United States and Europe calling and emailing us. They all want to get into the band.”

As  Eustace explained, since the costumes are seen online, people from different part of the world  have in fact been joining the band, giving it a more international profile.”

At the Trinidad carnival 2017,  the costumes for both the king and queen of the bands were Eustace’s creations.

“I think Carnival Nationz is  heading for another  Band of the year  victory in Toronto and don’t forget we have won king and queen of the bands in Toronto for the last six  years.”

Eustace is concerned, however, about “contract delays.”

“Unfortunately, the Festival Management Committee (FMC)  has not yet presented the bandleaders with contracts and this week is the last of the band launches.”

“Very disrespectful of the FMC. But what can we do? ”

The Caribbean Camera called the FMC to inquire about the contract delays but got no response.

The mas’ camp of  Carnival Nationz officially opens this weekend.