We have to fight back

Editorial We have to fight back Shortly after the Ontario provincial elections last year, we reminded our readers in an editorial that people usually get the government they deserve. We were referring, of course, to the not-so-Progressive Conservative government of Premier Doug Ford and the fact that  many people in the Black community had declared  […]

Canada the fraudster

In her book, Holding the Bully’s Coat: Canada and the US Empire, journalist Linda McQuaig gave details of a 2003 meeting held in Ottawa which was chaired by Denis Paradis, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien’s Secretary of State for Latin America. The “Ottawa Initiative on Haiti” sought ways of deposing Haiti’s democratically elected President Jean Bertrand […]

Increased Polarization on Attitudes to Immigration

Increased Polarization on Attitudes to Immigration Reshaping the Political Landscape in Canada Spacial Report. According to the Ecos Research of Ottawa the attitudes of people in Canada, on immigration have never been a critical a ballot booth issue. Unlike in America or Europe, where they have been deeply divisive the differences in Canada have been […]

CARIFORUM-UK EPA offers news opportunities

CARIFORUM-UK EPA offers news opportunities By David Jessop A few days ago, the British government published the text of the CARIFORUM-UK Economic Partnership Agreement (UK EPA) that will govern trade in goods and services with the Caribbean, assuming Britain leaves the European Union sometime later this year. The agreement has the effect of replicating the intent […]

A cold wind starts to blow

A cold wind starts to blow By David Jessop New winds are blowing through the Caribbean. Some may welcome what they bring; others may not. Four events in the last fourteen days illustrate how the region is being captured, probably irretrievably, by a new if so far ill-defined cold war that involves the US, China, […]

Remember Grenada

Editorial Remember Grenada Many of  our readers will remember the invasion of Grenada by the United States back in 1983. Some preferred to call it an “intervention.” But invasion it was. Grenada, the spice island in the Eastern Caribbean, became the focus of world attention when leftist Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and several persons loyal […]

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