Spy versus Spy

When the cold war was hot, the Soviet Union, “the headquarters of world communism”, was public enemy number one everywhere in the western world, including the colonized countries from Africa to the Caribbean to South American continent. While the spying business is as old as the hills, we were trained to believe that “real spying” […]

Sargassum: a continuing challenge

By David Jessop It was not to be. A ‘Sargassum Summit’ to develop a multinational response to the worsening problem of the sargassum seaweed washing up on some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, has had to be postponed. The conference in Cancun, which has been delayed for domestic political reasons, is now expected […]

Farewell, Mr. Leonard

The brilliant American songwriter Cole Porter wrote a song about a one-night stand; a part of which goes: “It was just one of those nights, just one of those fabulous flights; A trip to the moon on gossamer wings, just one of those things….So goodbye and Amen, here’s hoping we’ll meet now and then; It […]

Medically inadmissible woman granted approval for permanent residence

Medically inadmissible woman granted approval for permanent residence

Immigration Matters   Sukhram Ramkissoon   Medically inadmissible woman granted approval for permanent residence When Monica (not her real name) arrived in  Canada from the Caribbean in 1997, she was  allowed to remain in the country for six months as a visitor.  She did not seek an extension of her stay  and remained “out of status” […]

Restoring the central role of Caribbean agriculture

By David Jessop When in the early 1990s it became apparent that Europe’s preferential regimes for Caribbean bananas and sugar were coming to an end, an impassioned debate began about a transition to other forms of economic activity. For the most part the focus was on alternative crops, import substitution, manufacturing, and financial services. Little […]

Persons who were on peace bonds can be sponsored

Persons who were on peace bonds can  be sponsored

Immigration Matters Sukhram Ramkissoon Persons who were on peace bonds can  be sponsored A prospective client who  is in Canada on a work permit, recently told me that  about a year ago, he and his wife, a Canadian citizen, had a “domestic incident.” As a result, he was charged with assault. After several appearances in […]

Genocide plain and simple

“That’s not who we are” are words that roll off the tongue of Canadians every time Canada or a Canadian commits an act that contradicts our self-description of “fair arbiter, promoter of just causes, a decent country”; a place where the world would love to come to live if not for the Immigration Department placing […]

The Caribbean should be wary of US tariff wars

By David Jessop The moment is fast arriving when Caribbean Governments and business will have to consider the consequences of the tariff wars and sanctions that Washington is now pursuing. Far from reducing its ‘America First’ rhetoric and seeking compromise, the Trump Administration has become committed to weaponising its trade policy to achieve its broader […]

The high cost of misrepresentation

The high cost of misrepresentation

Immigration matters Sukhram Ramkissoon  The high cost of misrepresentation A regular reader of this column recently asked whether he can sponsor his spouse who had lied in her application for a Temporary Resident Permit to Canada about two years ago. This question deals with misrepresentation – a subject about which I have written in several […]

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