CBC Marketplace- Busting The Banks and handing out a can of whoopass

Are you frustrated with banking fees?

Marketplace reveals three sneaky ways the banks fatten their profits at your expense.

We also give one family a financial makeover and reveal easy money-saving tips.

This was an interesting story and a must see. market place opened a can of (whoopass) on the banks.
I thought people would be really up in arms but if you read the comments by viewers on their web site (http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2013/01/busting-the-banks.html) the banks had lots of supporters.
Over all the message or take away from this is keep an eye on your money and read the fine print. Ask questions until you are satisfied and any terms you do not know google them and ask for a second opinion from anther professional in the industry such as a mortgage broker or financial planner. Let the banks truly compete for your money so you can become richer than you think.

Just one of the comments for DR Bill

Interestingly, I actually wrote a letter to the president of Scotiabank back in 2011 that I was highly dis-satisfied about the increase in bank fees, I actually mentioned saying that by doing this you are just sticking it to your customer. Especially, one who is got all the products from Mortgage, Daily banking, Investments with them. I got a call from my branch manager who was able to reverse the charges for the banking for a year. My learning NEGOTIATE, NEGOTIATE, NEGOTIATE !! IT’S YOUR MONEY !! lf you don’t take care of it you are bound to loose it. Every individual must take time to educate himself/herself especially in personal finances. People like Gail Vaz Oxlade, Preet Banaerjee are excellent columnists. good job to CBC for educating the public !