Celebrating Black Business Month USA with Purpose Toys

Black-owned Purpose Toys a boost partnering with Walmart Canada

In honor of Black Business Month, Purpose Toys, the largest Black-owned, culture-focused toy company in the USA, led by CEO DeeDee Wright-Ward, introduces the international expansion of their

NATURALISTAS Natural Hair Fashion Doll Line

. This unique line of 11.5-inch dolls celebrates children with coily, curly, loc’d, and naturally textured hair. Notably, NATURALISTAS has achieved the distinction of being the world’s first all-Black (Black-owned) Natural Hair fashion doll line available at a major retailer. Purpose Toys has partnered with Walmart Canada for this significant venture.

NATURALISTAS serves a dual purpose: celebrating diverse hair types and educating kids about Natural Hair care and the culture surrounding it. The dolls also fill a gap in the market, addressing the lack of accurate representation for children with coily, curly, loc’d, and textured hair. The tagline “Be Proud of Your Crown™” emphasizes self-confidence and self-esteem for children whose hair isn’t often represented in mainstream dolls.

NATURALISTAS offers a range of affordable dolls with stylish outfits, featuring distinct hair textures like 4A and 4C coils, 3C curls, and diverse skin tones. The line even includes a unique “Crown Collection” of texture-focused styling heads. With the expansion into Canada, Purpose Toys continues to champion the empowerment of children from diverse backgrounds.

The CEO, DeeDee Wright-Ward, expresses gratitude for the support of Walmart Canada and Walmart U.S., as well as for the opportunity to contribute positively to the emotional development of children with Natural Hair. Purpose Toys, established in 2020, has quickly become a cultural leader, launching brands like NATURALISTAS and “HBCyoU Dolls,” celebrating Historically Black Colleges and Universities, as well as “LATINISTAS,” an all-Latina line of fashion dolls. Purpose Toys’ mission to “Center and Celebrate Communities of Culture™” shines through its diverse and purposeful offerings.

NATURALISTAS dolls can be found at Walmart (CAN) and Walmart (US), along with other major retailers in the USA. Through its innovative products, Purpose Toys strives to provide representation and foster pride among children of various cultural backgrounds.