Celebrating Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence at the Regent Park Bazaar

By Stephen Weir Photos by Anthony Berot

From left Keith Dindial (back turned), Rhoma Spencer, Panman Pat and the crew

Remember Rhoma Spencer ?

Well, since the COVID-19 pandemic,  the  Toronto-based Trinidadian  actress has not been onstage.

But she has been keeping busy.

She is now a popular vendor at the Regent Park Cultural Bazaar in Toronto.

From left Keith Dindial and Panman Pat

And last week she brought some Trini theatre magic to special celebrations to observe the 58th anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago Independence.

Three well-known Carnival performers came out to provide Caribbean music while Spencer dished out doubles, corn soup, pelau and accras (fish cakes).

“ We had Panman Pat and Keith Dindial  along with singer Macomere Fifi, much to the delight of the many patrons who came out to celebrate the event,” she told The Caribbean Camera.

 The community response to the party on Regent Park’s social media network was instant.

“(We) can think of no better celebration of Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence Day than Rhoma Akosua Spencer and Sweethand Delights holding their corner in Regent Park,” wrote one Facebook user.

Spencer began her acting career in  her native Trinidad and Tobago.  In Canada she performs in movies, on TV and in the theatre and cultural events.