Chris Gayle’s ‘very big bat’

Does Chris Gayle know it’s how you use your bat that counts in cricket?
Does Chris Gayle know it’s how you use your bat that counts in cricket?

LONDON, England – West Indies batsman Chris Gayle has sparked more accusations of sexism after reportedly bragging about his “very big bat” to a female journalist.

The incident comes mere months after the Jamaican cricket star was fined $10,000 by Melbourne Renegades for the infamous “Don’t blush, baby” live TV interview with Channel Ten reporter Mel McLaughlin after asking her out for a drink.

Gayle’s latest remarks came in an interview with The Times Magazine journalist Charlotte Edwardes as he spoke about sex, female equality and homophobia.

During the interview, Gayle allegedly told Edwardes that he had “a very, very big bat, the biggest in the world.

“You think you could lift it? You’d need two hands,” he reportedly added.

Gayle was also said to have asked Edwardes how many Black men she has “had” and to have enquired if she had ever had a threesome.

“I bet you have. Tell me,” he was quoted as saying.

Edwardes also alleges that the 36-year-old batsman enquired whether she dyed her hair, while lowering his eyes downwards.

Meanwhile Somerset’s chief executive Guy Lavender was not amused and said he will have a word with Gayle about his conduct when the controversial Jamaican cricketer arrives for a fortnight’s stint with the club next month.

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