Clothing line ‘inspired by God’

Clothing line ‘inspired by God’

Examples of the new Live Christ Clothing line from Youth Pastor Donnie Persaudon and wife Christina.

As I wended my way to the East Scarborough Pentecostal Worship Centre recently to interview Guyana-born Youth Pastor Donnie Persaud and his wife Christina, Live Christ ClothingI was thinking about their new Live Christ Clothing line and how they say that God was credited for designing it.

The product line, they say, is a ministry serving the community rather than a money-making project.

Speaking with Persaud, Eyes gleaned that mission is task-related and action-oriented. It’s based on verbs, not nouns. Yes, the mission is proactive problem-solving that will help you set priorities that will best meet the needs of the people.

“Wherever God directs you he has already provided for you,” Pastor Persaud said.

You see Eyesers, billionaire Richard Branson noted that to launch a business means successfully solving problems. “Solving problems means listening,” said Persaud, a university business graduate, sitting at the feet of his beloved Dad Joseph and his Mom Bea. Mom prayed for Persaud to be a preacher and they left their mark on Pentecostalism in Guyana, while he was learning. They continue to live the Christ experience.

“We are excited. We are humbled. It’s more than a clothing line, it’s a way of life,” enthused Persaud. He added, to truly live life, you must live Christ. So the team prays over every T-shirt before shipping. Small wonder requests are coming in from different parts of the world, some as many as 1,000 units per order.

Yes, what a lifestyle: ministering locally to at-risk youth, feeding the needy and also internationally – by the way, he just came out of Guyana – in this work of faith and labour of love.

Eyesers, according a community forum – including Ontario Associate Finance Minister, Retirement Pension Fund Plan Mitzie Hunter and other dedicated community members – “family talk”, establishing targets and taking action is a prudent approach to create a better place for our children, families, community and, indeed, all society.

They noted it is vital that human and financial capital literacy programs be developed that educate both children and adults. Equally important, it must be recognized that children benefit from the involvement and financial support of both parents. Additionally, entrepreneurship and business development must be a priority within the community.

However, Persaud said, “to be honest, I don’t use this to make money; rather it’s a ministry.”

As a follower of Christ, Persaud’s conviction is that he is in business to do the will of God and to serve his neighbours – just like his parents.

When Pastor Persaud was ministering in South Africa, he preached in three different church services. “Look where Christ has brought me from.”

Yes, Guyana’s gift to the world, via Canada, Persaud continues to be about his master’s business. The website,, is expected to be operating soon.