Colour our children’s world with poetry

By Yolanda T. Marshall



Erica London is the CEO & Founder of Colour Their World and author of Caribbean heritage. As a creative mom, she has successfully built an educational and entertaining platform for children. I have the honour of sharing more about Mrs London and her brilliant books.

What inspired you to write your first children’s book?

Erica London

Erica London: In October 2019 I lost my uncle due to illness. The result was me having three traumatized children asking, “where did uncle go?” Trying to find children’s books to assist in navigating their grief was not only difficult to find, but it appeared that finding any with black characters seemed to be non-existent.  It’s important for me as a mother that they see themselves in and on the things, they are viewing. I mean this would essentially shape the men and women they’d become.  Instead of complaining, I decided I would bring about a solution to my newfound problem. I wrote a children’s book.

Missing You is a poetry book that was written to assist children in navigating their way through experiencing the loss of a loved one. It is followed by facts and questions that the reader can engage in conversation with the child.

You must be excited about the launch of your new book. Can you tell us more about it?

E.L: I’m absolutely thrilled to launch my second book. After writing the first (Missing You), I feel like it ignited something within me. It opened a door that made me aware of so many topics and issues people don’t discuss with children or at least find difficult to do so.

My second book, Stuck in the Middle is a humorous poetry book about a girl who realizes she will be a middle child. She essentially tries to find a clever way to get the attention of her parents.

In writing this one, my focus was to instil in the child that they have a sense of belonging in the family unit. It wouldn’t even have to be a middle child per se but introducing a new member. It’s also followed by facts and questions that the reader can ask of the child just to encourage conversation.

Now, I have activity books on my website to go along with each Title to make it fun for kids. I switched up and pivoted due to things just opening within the city and decided to do an Instagram book launch on May 14th. My two sisters, myself and a host will be present to discuss the highs and lows of not only being a middle child but just being a sibling. I know for a fact it will be hilarious as we have never sat down and openly discussed our childhood. 

Three of us now have four children each and are navigating our way through parenting. Although I know Instagram is not for everyone; having the ability for comments/questions coming from a live audience should make it rather interesting! There will be prizes and giveaways and the opportunity for people to head over to my website to purchase their copy of the book and other things we offer.

Learn more about the author at  IG: colourtheirworld

Randell Adjei I am not my struggles

I Am Not My Struggles is a poetry book written by Ontario’s Poet Laureate, Randell Adjei.

This book comprises, “poetry so honest and beautiful you won’t want to put it down. Randell Adjei’s is a story of a reckless youth, early incarceration and the lessons learned, and, above all, resilience. Randell Adjei writes to know himself and to redeem himself, as well as to honour his mother, her homeland, and all the young people who come after him.” –, 2019

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Home is the Caribbean is written by Ayana Francis and illustrated by Audeva Joseph.

In this timeless picture book Home is the Caribbean, the author takes you on an experience of the Caribbean through the eyes of young Jovee. Jovee and Nala on a trip to the Caribbean and learn about all the wonderful people, moments and things that make the Caribbean home.”- Travelling Feet Books Inc., 2022. Visit for more.