Come With It, Black Man

Come With It, Black Man
“Nothing is strange in life, in a man out for change.” In her feature documentary Come with It, Black Man, director Tamara Tam-Cruickshank explores the musical consciousness of Dr. Leroy Calliste, better known as Black Stalin.

Come with It, Black Man was filmed under the hot sun of Trinidad & Tobago and showcases some of Stalin’s best stage performances. On the grand stage of the Calypso Monarch competition he commands the attention of his audience with fiery lyrics and boldly coloured costumes. Elsewhere in the film he lets us into his mind to share the creative processes and inspirational forces of the four hundred tunes he’s written throughout his career.

Stalin uses his music to educate people, whether it’s international politics or the economic state of his country. His music speaks about world peace and justice for all. Best known for songs like “Caribbean Man” (which earned him a Calypso Monarch title), “Come with It,” “Wait Dorothy” and “Feelin’ to Party,” Stalin has become a musical source for the history of Trinidad and Tobago as well as a mentor to up-and-coming artists.

Tam-Cruickshank offers up interviews with some of the Caribbean’s most respected artists and academic thinkers. All of them rank Black Stalin as a genius, as a man who is sincere in his passion for the art of his music and his concern for humanity. Come with It, Black Man is the celebration of a Calypsonian whose rhythms and poetry will influence generations to come.

Karen Bishop

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