Community comes out to clean up “Sinting” Little Jamaica

Photo by: ©️Mark Thompson @dopecontentagency

Clean up crew led by Ross Cadastre, Nadine Spencer, Jill Andrews, Claude Thompson and members of the Black community

On Monday, May 23rd, the Black Business & Professional Association (BBPA), in collaboration with the York-Eglinton BIA, hosted a Community Clean-up in the Little Jamaica Community. This community has seen many challenging in the last two years, so the community chose this time to come together to show pride in their neighbourhood.

About 50 volunteers showed up, some with brooms, mops, buckets and garbage bags ready to take on Eglinton West. Among them were community members who traveled for two to three hours to lend a hand, and put back the shine on Little Jamaica.

A proud Shameeka Samuels of Scarborough said: “My experience was incredible today. I had the chance to meet a lot of people from different businesses. The energy was very positive as we got to spend time walking about in the community. Helping to clean up and meet people who live here was a very rewarding experience.”

Shannon Harry chimed in: “My experience today was amazing just like Shameeka’s. We met a lot of different people and I was able to network and get the word out about our own Collective. I lived here a few years ago and I find the changes interesting but I’m happy that I can come back and give back in this way and clean up so that we can make an amazing Little Jamaica.”

The Liberals were represented by Minister Carolyn Bennett and candidate Dr. Nathan Stall. Stall agreed that “it was fantastic. It’s all about building the community. You know we were doing this on Sunday mornings before the Caribbean Market all last summer and it’s amazing for us to come back and get a head start. This is the sort of thing that builds community.”

Claude Thompson regional manager of the JN Money Services said that they were happy to be a part of the effort “as a Jamaican entity who has been on the avenue for more than 30 years, we believe that it is our duty to be a part of everything that is happening in this area so that we can make a difference in the community.”

The event was managed by Sandra Whiting, BBPA Event Planner for Little Jamaica. Whiting informed: “I have been hired by the BBPA to work on several initiatives to bring people back “home” to Eglinton Ave West this summer. Our first event was the Clean Up Sinting working in conjunction with the York BIA, local councillors, community resident and volunteers. We had the planters painted black, yellow green. The local BIA will be supplying the flowers soon.”

Whiting extended a special thanks to the International Union of Painters & Allied Trades and to JN Money & JN Bank. She disclosed that there will be programming on the Avenue in June & July—here is a sneak peek for June.

All this will culminate in a street festival entitled “Sinting Fest on Eglinton West.” It will be held over three days from August 26-28.

©️Mark Thompson @dopecontentagency