Conch back on Cayman Islands’ menu

Stew conch with Rice & Peas,potato salad,ripe plantain

Residents can once again enjoy fresh local queen conch and whelks until the end of April, as the fishing season opened Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

However, conch is still endangered, and the Marine Park rules and boundaries remain in full effect at all times. No conch or whelks may be taken from within the Marine Reserve, even within the season.

The daily catch limit for conch is five per person or ten per boat with two or more people on board. In a single day, no individual may take or permit another person to take, purchase, receive, offer for sale, exchange or donation, or possess more than five conchs from Cayman waters. Only queen conch may be taken.

The daily catch limit for whelks is 2½ gallons in the shell or 2½ pounds of processed whelks per person per day.

The public is encouraged to download the ‘CaymanDoe’ app to instantly ensure that all fishing activities are taking place within the regulated seasons and outside the Marine Reserves to avoid violation of the rules and potential prosecution by DoE Enforcement.