Constantine Homes blends north and south

Marlon Stewart
Marlon Stewart

He’s young but this Jamaican-born Canadian is all business.

After majoring in architectural design with a minor in construction management and obtaining a certificate in construction estimating, Marlon Stewart opened Constantine Architectural Design (CAD) in 2008.

“For many years I worked in the architectural and construction industries as an architectural designer and construction project coordinator. However, in 2008, Constantine Architectural Design came into existence with the sole purpose of providing architectural services to Jamaicans living overseas,” Stewart explained.

He said CAD’s service is aimed at people with a desire to build their dream homes in Jamaica but do not know where to start.

To date, Stewart has completed many projects in Jamaica as well as in Canada, Nigeria and Iraq, prior to the bombing.

Today, Constantine Homes Inc. continues to serve, honouring his grandfather’s name.

The Canadian-based residential construction and development company operates primarily in Canada and Jamaica but expansion to other Caribbean islands is planned.

As a result of CAD’s design philosophy and service, Stewart said, many requests for custom home construction services arose from loyal clients.

“Our primary clients are our Jamaican brothers and sisters in spirit, as well as, Jamaicans who left the island many years ago and made Canada, the U.S. and U.K. their new home. Nevertheless, they continue to love their native country and the solid concrete homes that are built there.

“On the other hand, they also they also love their adapted countries, especially the aesthetically pleasing homes,” Stewart said.

To provide the best of both worlds, without compromising the structural integrity and aesthetic look of their potential new island dream home, enter Jamadian Homes Division, fusing the two construction styles and providing clients with the best of both worlds: structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing while maintaining the suitability of the house for the harsh Caribbean weather conditions.

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