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Municipal Election Profile

Allison Brown
Allison Brown

Allison Brown proved in the early stages of the campaign that she possesses leadership qualities when she recommended and connected a number of candidates who represent the community to The Camera.

Born to Trinidad and Tobago parents, Brown is running in Ward 9 and 10 for city councillor in Brampton against incumbent Vicky Dhillion.

A corporate trainer and registered nurse with over 20 years of experience, she is promoting these issues:

• Increased planning and innovative design of the city to meet growth demands;

• Opportunities for youth to become the leaders of tomorrow:

• A comprehensive transportation plan that will address current and future growth demands;

• Promote recreational and social opportunities for seniors;

• More value for tax dollars;

• Support efforts to reduce poverty.

“My three children, like many others, have only known Brampton as their home. I would like to preserve and improve upon this home for them and the generations to come, like any other parent would.

“If the constituents of Wards 9 and 10 give me their support on Oct. 27, I would be honoured to serve and represent them as their city councillor and be part of the team that helps Brampton realize its strategic plan,” she says.

Brown has worked with the Ontario Nurses’ Association at the provincial and local levels and volunteered with organizations such as Associated Youth Services of Peel, CIA Bounce and Break Free Family Counselling Services.