‘Crazy but True’ cancelled ‘fuh true’

Crazy but true cast

The deadly COVID-19 virus has changed many routines and negatively impacted many traditions, including a Caribbean Mother’s Day event held annually in Ontario.

For 19 years, well-known Jamaican actor Oliver Samuels has been entertaining Caribbean nationals in the province with a Mother’s Day show. And for his 20th-year show in 2020, he was scheduled to put on “Crazy but True’’  in  Scarborough on Sunday, May 10 -Mother’s Day.

However, Sunday’s scheduled event has been cancelled. “Because of CORVID-19 there will be no uproarious laughter, no thunderous applause, just silent, empty halls,’’ show promoters told The Caribbean Camera.

“It is extremely difficult to think of a Mother’s Day weekend in Toronto without Oliver Samuels and his team of actors displaying their talent in a most professional way in Brampton and Scarborough to our expectant and energetic audiences,’’ they added.

 In “Crazy but True’’, Samuels plays the lead role of Malvo, a mentally challenged gardener of a well-to-do family. He tries to maneuver his challenges while being “medicated’’ by the lady of the house Maxine, who is portrayed by Lakeisha Ellison. Maxine, however, has ulterior motives for marrying wealthy husband Greg, played by Volier Johnson.

Other characters in the stage production include Dennis Titus and Melessa Vassell.

Samuels, in a comment to The Caribbean Camera, said he’s still wishing mothers will have “an amazing’’ weekend.

“We know Caribbean peoples are very creative, especially mothers,’’ he said. “They can ‘stretch a dallah mek ten’. They can, tun dem han mek fashion. With these in mind, we know that you all will have, even though different, an amazing Mother’s Day and weekend.’’

Samuels urged everyone to “continue to observe the instructions given by the health professionals.

” Do not confuse ourselves with unnecessary verbiage from unknown sources. May God bless and protect us all.’’