Crematorium loses at OMB

Crematorium loses at OMB
by Brad Savage

Mississauga City Councillor Bonnie Crombie says “the appeal by Benisasia Funeral Homes to operate a crematorium  at their Derry Road location has been dismissed by the Ontario Municipal Board.”

Since co-owners of Benisasia Funeral Homes, which cater to the Caribbean community – the only one of its kind – made their application to City Council to operate a crematorium in Malton close to local residences, Crombie said she has been working with the local residents, especially the Concerned Citizens of Malton, to oppose their application.

“While I have no issue with the practice of cremation, the Derry Road location is far too close to sensitive land uses, including many homes and the Etobicoke Creek. It was simply not the right location for a crematorium,” she added.

With the help of thousands of local residents she was able to make a strong case to City Council against the crematorium and lead the effort to pass a by-law to strictly regulate where crematoriums can be located.