Cricket Legends Unite Cultures at Brampton’s ‘Night with the Knights’

From left Curtly Ambrose, Richie Richardson,
Andy Roberts and Viv Richard

On Friday evening last at the Galaxy Convention Centre in Brampton, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement as four knighted cricket legends from Antigua and Barbuda shared their stories and insights, blending sportsmanship with cultural pride. The event, dubbed “A Night with the Knights,” aimed to promote the upcoming ICC T20 Cricket World Cup and the rich cultural tapestry of Antigua and Barbuda.

Sir Richie Richardson, along with his fellow knights, embarked on a promotional road show that had already dazzled audiences in the UK and Scotland before arriving in Toronto. The Knights’ mission was clear: to promote the matches set to take place in their homeland and to invite the world to experience cricket in the Caribbean’s festive ambiance. “Our journey began in the UK, and now in Toronto, we’re bringing a piece of Antigua and Barbuda to every city we visit,” Sir Richie explained.

From left Curtly Ambrose, Richie Richardson,
Andy Roberts and Viv Richard

Their day was packed with activities, including an engaging appearance at Rogers Centre alongside the Toronto Blue Jays, illustrating the deep connections between Caribbean culture and global sports communities. The Knights shared tales of their cricketing days, highlighting moments that were not just victories but milestones in Antigua and Barbuda’s history. “We do not accept second place,” one Knight remarked, emphasizing the relentless spirit that drives Antiguans and Barbudians.

From left Curtly Ambrose,Viv Richard,
Andy Roberts and Richie Richardson


Community, unity, and national pride were recurring themes throughout the evening. “We represent one Caribbean, a united front that goes beyond the boundaries of our small islands,” another knight added. Their stories resonated with the audience, many of whom shared Caribbean roots and understood the profound connection between heritage and achievement.

The event was attended by a strong Antiguan and Barbudan/Caribbean contingent as well as a significant Pakistani and Indian audience. One attendee, in particular, shared that growing up, his room walls were covered with West Indian players’ posters. “When most of my friends were rooting for their homeland, I was rooting for the West Indies,” he said. This heartfelt confession highlighted the global appeal and historical influence of West Indies cricket. He had rushed to the event with his two children upon hearing that the cricket heroes were in town, underscoring the cross-cultural bonds formed through sports.

The evening was capped off with an exciting performance by the Spirit Band, featuring Curtly Ambrose and Richardson.

The four Knights who graced the event were Sir Curtly Ambrose, Sir Richie Richardson, Sir Viv Richards, and Sir Andy Roberts.