Criminals selling grenades in T&T

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Criminals now have a new addition to their already impressive arsenal of high-powered weaponry which they use against law-abiding citizens and law enforcement officers – hand grenades.

This as a well-placed police source stated that a shipment of hand grenades recently arrived in the country and already, the deadly explosives are being offered for sale at a price of $2,500 per grenade.

According to reports, there are two types of hand grenades are now available to criminals including one that goes by the nickname Goddess of Fire.

News of illegal grenades now being available to criminals came hours after an incident in which a grenade was tossed by the occupant of a car towards a group of limers.

As the grenade exploded, the thrower’s car sped off. Shards from the explosive device caused slight injuries to two men and damage to the broadside of a car parked on the road, which belonged to one of the victims.

It is believed the grenade used in the attack was part of the shipment which arrived in the country recently.

A hand grenade is an explosive device that can be thrown by an attacker towards an intended target with usually deadly consequences.

While police investigate circumstances surrounding the attack, residents in the area are still reeling in shock from the attack. Kristopher St. Cyr and Ricardo Harewood were hospitalized as a result of the blast.