Cruise lines waive penalties over zika

Cruise ShipMIAMI, Florida – Cruise lines have followed the lead of major airlines and begun waiving cancellation penalties for some customers booked on voyages to the Caribbean and other destinations affected by the fast-spreading Zika virus.
USA Today reports that cruise industry giant Carnival Cruise Lines said it will allow pregnant women on sailings that include stops in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and other destinations impacted by the virus to switch to an itinerary to an unaffected area.
Alternatively, passengers can postpone their trip or cancel outright and receive a future cruise credit.
Norwegian Cruise Line also is allowing pregnant women sailing to affected areas to postpone trips to a later date or switch itineraries, and Royal Caribbean is also giving pregnant women alternative options.
The options are also being offered to people travelling with the pregnant passenger, the cruise lines said.
U.S. health officials said that while posing little risk to most people, the Zika virus may be particularly dangerous for pregnant women.