Former president of Black Coalition of Quebec, Dan Philip, dies at 87

The Black Coalition of Quebec announced the passing of Dan Philip, the former president, on Monday at the age of 87. Recognized as a stalwart advocate for the rights of Black Quebecers, Philip’s legacy spans decades of tireless activism and leadership within the community.

Dan Philip

In a statement released by the organization, Philip was hailed as a man of unwavering conviction, known for his readiness to devote his time to social causes and his unapologetic stance against injustices detrimental to the public interest.

Philip served as the president of the Black Coalition of Quebec for nearly four decades, during which he championed the cause of equality and fought against systemic discrimination. Even after his retirement in 2020, he continued to serve on the organization’s board, leaving an indelible mark on the collective memory of Quebec.

A towering figure in the community, Philip played a pivotal role in various civil rights movements, including protests to desegregate the taxi industry in Montreal during the 1980s. He also advocated for legislative reforms to address discrimination faced by Black tenants and campaigned against police brutality.

Max Stanley Bazin, the current head of the coalition, described Philip as a visionary who dedicated his life to the betterment of society. Former Montreal city councillor Marvin Rotrand fondly recalled Philip’s ability to foster unity and understanding among diverse communities.

Philip’s advocacy extended beyond activism; he emphasized the importance of education in addressing historical injustices, particularly Quebec’s legacy of slavery. His efforts were instrumental in shaping Quebec’s approach to policing ethics, as noted by former Notre-Dame-de-Grâce MP Marlene Jennings.

Jennings emphasized Philip’s commitment to fundamental human rights and his belief in the collective benefit of protecting the rights of racialized minorities. Philip’s contributions were recognized with awards from the City of Montreal and the Quebec National Assembly, underscoring his significant impact on Quebec society.

Despite battling health issues, Philip remained steadfast in his dedication to social justice until his passing.