Delcita goes virtual for Valentine’s with plenty love aimed at Toronto


Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright

Delcita, actress and guidance counsellor, is always counselling her fans while creating a comedic riot.

She has written many successful plays and recently appeared alongside Oliver Samuels in the play Entanglement. She laughs and says how she is having Toronto withdrawal syndrome.

Her appearance will let you sit on the Brink of Valentine’s. She spits fire as she performs her many Valentine’s poems, and embraces new found love! Her skit, Having a Man is like a Business, will keep you the edge! Mama, a love you, but when you leave me on Granny Vie, though she did try, mi grow fool-fool and still country shy! Delcita will sweep the love broom across the table.

She will be joined by top Jamaican Canadian talents for your Virtual Valentine’s concert treat. Starting with, Devon Haughton, the award winning Canadian based Playwright, Director, Poet, Producer and Actor. Devon has written for and performed with Oliver Samuels. He has staged some of Toronto’s most exciting Caribbean plays and was the first Canadian-based producer to introduce Delcita to the Toronto audience. His performance promises to be intriguing. 

Devon Houghton

Letna Allen-Rowe has been dubbed “Canadian Miss Lou”, and for good reason, she will delight you with her colourful and dramatic performance while Mel Dube will delight your musical palette with her unique, soft reggae and melodic pop fusion. Mel’s vocal range has made her backup vocalist to many Reggae superstars, now she brings her skill to you with love. Check out her performances with Mel B at

Captain Love is a Toronto based nurse’s assistant. He will apply his tenderness on Sunday, February 13th at 6pm Eastern Standard Time. In an interview with the papers last year, he said that being a frontline health worker who is saving lives in a pandemic, is not easy, but he, the Captain, loves his patients. Support this Canadian frontline hero as he belts some musical notes for you at the Brink of Valentine’s Concert.

Let’s reflect and laugh online together!  Sunday, February 13 at 6pm.

Tickets are Can$19.99 and are available at

Registration/Ticket hotline: 416 937 9334/ 416 567 8173/ 876 236 4179

Letna Allen-Rowe
Mel Dube
Captain Love

  A Delcita and Devon Haughton production!